Why Us? - Our Story

From The Desk of Georgia Kelley:

The concept to be a "Down Home Log Home" company came in early 1994... We had always dreamed of owning our own log home. Gary had built log homes from different manufacturers and realized that there was something very unique about people who wanted a log home. They didn't just ride slow by the job site, they drove up and came into the log home and said, "How can we have a log home?".

After relating to this emotion, Gary came home and said, "This is what we need to do... " I left a very stable job to pursue the dream of starting our own log home company. With a Marketing degree and 20 years experience in Sales, we wrote letters, made calls and researched every major log home manufacturer to see who we wanted to represent. Traveling to various manufacturing facilities and talking with representatives gave us a view of what the log home industry had to offer. Our decision to represent Jim Barna Log Homes came as a result of meeting with Jim Barna, the man responsible for many of the new technologies used by the log home industry. As builders, we wanted to represent the leader in the industry who understood that our commitment to excellent service and quality was our number one goal. Jim Barna complied.

Almost 25 years later Down Home Log Homes and Jim Barna Log Homes are more committed to each customer's desire to have their own log home. We make sure our customer's understand our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business. Down Home Log Homes has "Three Rules for Success in Business":
Rule #1- Take Care of the Customer
Rule #2- Take Care of the Customer
Rule # 3- Take Care of the Customer
Everything else in our business has always worked out.

Any of our customers can speak with either Gary or Georgia once you know that you want a "Down Home Log Home" company to work with. At Down Home Log Homes we are committed to excellence, love what we do, and have truly found our niche! It has allowed us share the excitement and joy along with our customers, as their log home dream becomes a reality. Our customers have shared their stories and through their "testimonies", they continue to motivate us to be the best "Down Home Log Home" company. If you are committed to wanting personal service, email or call us today to get started with your dream log home.

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