Log Profiles

Jim Barna's complete selection of log species and profiles allow our customers maximum design flexibility. Our premium graded yellow and white pine log systems are first expertly kiln dried to remove moisture and stabilize the logs. They are then finish milled to exact tolerances. In the final step, the logs are pre-cut and pre-drilled for ease of construction. Jim Barna customers can choose from any of the most popular log styles and profiles on the market today.

Graded logs, kiln drying, pre-cutting and drilling, profiled corner notches and lag-screw assembly make Jim Barna homes substantially stronger and more energy efficient than any other type of log wall on the market. Our standard is full log gables that add to the strength and efficiency of your log home. The result is a home that will remain comfortable and beautiful for generations - a truly special place.

D Log System Available in 6" x 8" Hi-stack profile, as well as 8" and 9" diameters. The round outside/flat inside offers a more conventional interior look. Note: 6" x 8" Hi-stack profile is also available in Western Red Cedar.

Square Log System 6" x 12" Appalachian dove-tail system. This majestic profile recalls the rustic style of the early pioneers. Planed and machine or hand-hewn options are available. Note: this system is also available in Western Red Cedar.

Full Round Log System Available in 6 1/2", 8", 9", and 10" diameters (10" available only in white pine and yellow pine). This system offers the beauty of the round log profile inside as well as outside.

Conventional Half Log System Available in 8" or 9" round or 6" x 12" square profiles. Convert a frame home into a log home with this log-over frame system. This system enhances dormers.

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Did You Know?

Log homes are different in construction techniques than standard stick-built homes Only trust the assembly or “Dry In” of your log home to a Log Home Crew Chief that has many log home projects under his belt!

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