Windows and Doors

Jim Barna's window and door selections offer you a wide range of choices and styles.

Although the sashes and glass are manufactured by nationally recognized companies, all of our double-hung windows are custom assembled to perfectly compliment the log walls in which they are set.

Features that are high-dollar options on most windows are standard with ours, such as energy efficient Low-E glass, stainable all-wood tilt sashes and pre-installed exterior trim. All windows come with screens and removable grills for easy cleaning. Options include casement windows, aluminum cladding and round-top units and various shapes and sizes.

Your choices continue with Jim Barna's solid wood premium exterior doors, offered in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to showcase the architectural style of your home. From cross-buck entrance doors to atrium, french, and sliding patio doors, all are built to look and perform beautifully for years to come. Showcase entry doors are also available.

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Did You Know?

Log Homes appreciate at a higher rate than conventional structures. The National Association of Homeowners has stated for many years that Log Homes hold their values better than conventional stick built homes- given they are both taken care of!

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