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Make Your Purchase Now!
If you’re ready to move on your new log home, the Purchase Agreement is the way to start.

Here’s an outline of the process:

1. Call us to request a Purchase Agreement form or ask questions.

2. We'll send you an official Purchase Agreement form. Complete it, return it to us.

3. Along with the forms, send a deposit of at least 15% of the total cost of the order.

4. Delivery must take place within 12 months of the signing of the Purchase Agreement.

5. Send a progress payment at least 21 working days before delivery. At this point, at least 50% of the balance of the log system should be paid.

6. At delivery, remaining balance is paid and your log home package is ready for your dry in.

Layaway A Log Home

Start Your Layaway Now!
If you know you want a log home, but still have a few details to work out, our Layaway Plan is the best solution.

Here’s how it works:

1. Call us to request a Layaway Agreement form or to ask questions.

2. We'll send you an official Layaway Agreement.

3. Return the completed agreement and a deposit of at least $3000.

4. Current prices then are locked in for 24 months.

5. The balance of the down payment on your log package (15% of the total cost of the package) is then divided into 24 monthly investments you make at no interest. Call us to help you get your monthly payments.

6. If you’re not sure which plan you’ll want, you can also freeze a blanket amount that is price protected for 24 months.

7. You can make modifications to your plans throughout the layaway period.

8. Your layaway investment is held in a financially secure escrow account and fully credited against your log home package price at 100%.

Bottom line on Layaway
Log system prices can increase up to 10% per year. Use our no risk, no interest Layaway Plan for 24 months, and you could save 20% on the cost of your log home package!

Purchase or Layaway?

Are you not sure what option would be best for you? Contact us now and we can answer all of your questions!

Did You Know?

Log Homes have the ability to absorb the tremors of an earthquake making it by far the best material for construction, more so than any other.

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