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Stacy and Alyce Rawls of Alabama

December 2005

Our journey began about two years ago when we decided that it was time to build a new home. We weren’t sure of what type of house that we wanted, log or brick. After countless magazines and much debate, our choice was made. A log home would be the perfect compliment to our 15 acre farm and we found the perfect one featured in a log home magazine: The Tysinger house customized by Jim Barna Log Homes.

Shortly thereafter, we attended the spring Log Home Seminar at the Birmingham / Jefferson Civic Center and met Gary Kelley and Rachel Baribeau with Mountain Lake Log Homes, a Jim Barna dealer. We sat down with them and discussed our interest in the Tysinger house. After going over some basic details, they took our information and said that they would have a copy of the Tysinger floorplan sent to us so that we could look over them and customize it to our needs.

We received the plans, made the changes and drove to Pell City to meet with Georgia and Gary in their home. They made us feel so welcomed and had so many helpful suggestions as we finalized the details. A few weeks later, we had our final floor plans.

On October 8, 2005 we had our local volunteer fire department come out and burn our existing house down so that we could prepare the site for our new log home. Stacy left the next day to attend Jim Barna’s Log Home Institute so that he could learn how to build our house (although Stacy is a homebuilder, this will be his first log house to construct).

A few weeks later, Gary Kelley and four semis pulled up to deliver our logs. The entire delivery process was a huge success. We had gorgeous weather, plenty of help and Gary there to oversee everything. Without him, we would have been overwhelmed and stressed.

As of today, our basement is poured and the walls are framed, ready to lay the first set of logs. We had somewhat of a setback with the logs but Jim Barna corrected the error and is shipping out our correct logs on Wednesday, December 14th. We’re heading to Pine Mountain, Georgia on Sunday, December 11th to check out Georgia’s and Gary’s new location and to look for some furniture and other home décor for the new house.

We appreciate all of the help that we have received from the Kelley’s to date and know that we can always look to them for guidance and support as we continue the building process.


Success Story Updates

May 31, 2006

Good morning. I wanted to go ahead and send some more pictures for you to add to our photo gallery. They started our rock last week and it is looking so good. Stacy ordered my new stove last week also. Can't wait to cook on it!!

We'll meet with our cabinet man next week to make sure that he understands exactly what I want. Stacy will start trimming the house out the remainder of this week. It's moving along pretty well now.

We're still shooting for end of July...sure hope we make it because I am ready to be back home!!

Take care and I'll send more pics as things progress!

- Alyce and Stacy Rawls

July 7, 2006

Good morning! I hope all is well in Georgia. Boy have things been moving along. One painter that we hired is working so hard to get the exterior and porch rails stained. He has really made alot of progress. Our 2nd paint crew has completed the wall paint in the upstairs rooms (the only rooms that will have paint) and is still working on the interior stain. It has completely changed the look of the house! So pretty!

Stacy had planned on starting the floor tile in the bathrooms but has been delayed. Our floor crew is to be there Monday to begin the hardwoods! I am so excited to see how they turn out. I only hope that we can make them look half as nice as the photos from Harvest Timber Co. I think we can and they
are going to be fabulous!!

The finished rooms in the basement looks amazing. Stacy's idea really turned out to be a good one. The basement has more of a "rustic" look than the rest of the house. We even stained (just barely) the walls with homemade rust water. Just gave it a hint of color. And you would not believe what we used in the bathroon down there. Do you remember the scrap wood (D-shaped and very dark and rough) that they use to separate the wood on the pallets when they are delivering??? We had a good bit of that stuff laying around and decided to make use of it. Stacy used it on the walls and then continued the metal in there. It looks so neat!

We had someone drive to Decatur to pick up my Elmira stove today. It will be waiting for me when I get home this afternoon. I think it will really give the kitchen a different look. I'm aching to get back home and it just doesn't feel like it's going to be anytime soon...although I know it won't be much longer.

Thanks so much!
Alyce and Stacy Rawls

September 27, 2007

We are really enjoying the house! There isn't one thing that we would change! We have alot of people drive by to look at the house. A few have came down the driveway to get a closer look. I like to get in the car and ride to the other side of the lake at dusk to see how pretty is looks with the interior lights on.

- Alyce and Stacy Rawls

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Log homes are different in construction techniques than standard stick-built homes Only trust the assembly or “Dry In” of your log home to a Log Home Crew Chief that has many log home projects under his belt!