Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Ryan and Shelly Hadley of Georgia

Ryan and I where married in 1994 and we both love to hunt, fish and be in the outdoors. Our dream was to one day own a log home on some Lalnd to enjoy. So getting to know Gary and Georgia and learn about Barna Log Homes was only fitting.

My pawpaw "Glover Cook" and his Brother owned a 80 farm that has been in our family for 5 generations now. In March of 2003 pawpaw passed away and Ryan and I got 20 acres of the farm. The land is very special to me and my family and this was a dream come true for us.

We have named our house The "Little Tall House" and we will
have many years of enjoyment to come.

Gary and Georgia you have been great and thanks so much For everything you have done for us! Yall are very special people.


Success Story Updates

June 2007

I have us an appointment set to meet with the power guy on Thursday morning.

We got the building permit today, thank you Lord! He is looking down on us. Driveway / grading done and is perfect!

We are going to make this deadline.

Thanks for everything you and Gary has done for us!
We love ya'll!
- Shelly

July 2007

I love our house so much!

The guys left last night, we were all happy about the finished product. We got to know all of the crew and they were great to work with. It was sad to see them leave last night, but it also means that we are one more step closer to moving in our dream home.

Thanks For ALL of your help!

- Shelly

July 2007

Our house is looking SO beautiful!

My family was out there last night looking at everything and have a great time. The house is going to be absolutely wonderful to live in. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!

Thanks for what yall do!

- Ryan and Shelly

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Did You Know?

Log homes are the healthiest homes to live in and enjoy! They reduce stress and their natural material is the best choice! They are also easier to keep clean and therefore have better air to breath!