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Greg and Tracy Garcia of Alabama

We were going to build a log home. That was a decision my wife Tracy and I made the first time we stepped in one. The question was when, and with what company? As we explored the options out there, we visited companies all over the Southeast. We gathered information, and took pictures of model homes. We visited current customers and compiled a file of what we had learned and ideas of what we wanted.

Early in the search we met Gary and Georgia Kelley of Down Home Log Homes. They are the local dealers for Jim Barna Log Homes. We were impressed with the quality of product and their desire to help us. We had a long road ahead of us before making a final decision. 8 Years! They were with us all the way. When we were ready to set the wheels in motion on our dream home, there was really no other choice. When looking at the total picture: quality, credibility, options, competitive pricing AND the people involved, we chose Jim Barna and Mountain-Lake Log Homes.

From hours at the design table (it appeared we wanted nothing standard) to the day of delivery they were there. Our home is now approximately 90% complete. They are still involved with us on a regular basis. From borrowing tools to borrowing knowledge and ideas, we have been able to count on them. While no project of this size is going to be challenge free, they have worked diligently towards the resolution of each one. In my mind, this is what really counts. Be sure that when you choose a partner to make your dream home a reality that you choose people that will be there whenever you need them. I would suggest you choose Down Home Log Homes.


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Log Homes have the ability to absorb the tremors of an earthquake making it by far the best material for construction, more so than any other.