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John Beasley of Talladega, Alabama

Rachel met John on the phone when he was living and working in Colorado and he moved with his job to Florida and then decided he was ready to order his log home package and he is building in Talladega County, Alabama. This is John’s retirement home and he will be delivering in the Spring of 2007! We are very thankful for the construction knowledge John has. He will be attending our Log Home Institute soon.

We look forward to helping him continue along a successful path to living in his beautiful log home. John selected the Brookstone design from our website and more pictures and info will follow.

Georgia Kelley, President
REP: Rachel Baribeau


Success Story Updates

Update, April 18, 2007

Being a presumptious person, thinking some of you might care or enjoy, attached is the latest photo of my log home project. I fly to the site on friday and the crew tells me they will be finished with drying in by that time. This is very exciting times and now the finishing falls squarely in my lap!

I have requested underground permanent electrical service; am meeting the roofer and the septic system guy this weekend; and will be installing
windows in the basement this weekend.


Update, August 22, 2007

Although I've not yet finished out the house, some additional photos are attached. I'm going up for a month beginning sept 15 and try to knock out the interiors. Can't wait to celebrate moving in!


Update, October 2, 2007

Today is set for permanent power, and a meeting with the floor finishers and interior person to help me with colors. Tomorrow the tile guy starts---3 days of work to finish kitchen floor; both bath floors and shower/tub walls.

Air conditioning final install in next Monday. All 5 ceiling fans are installed and wiring pulls started yesterday. Kitchen cabinets are in place. All new appliances are here and ready to set in place as soon as the tile guy finishes. And dirt, dust, lumber, and tools are everywhere I need to do anything at any time! :)

The house is gonna be one of which we can all be proud I think, and final photos will come at some point.


Update, October 22, 2007

Greetings to all, and I wanted to send an update before the holiday season sets in on us.

A LOT of work took place over the past 5 weeks and "The Tree House" (as it is known) has become livable. While the finish work is still ahead involving interior paint and baseboards, etc., we are complete with mechanical, electrical and plumbing...and some furniture moved in.

Thanksgiving weekend will be spent at The Tree House and will provide the first of many times where memories will be created....hopefully of happiness and sharing.

The attached photos show more than words, so I'll just say "enjoy" and come see it in person soon.


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Did You Know?

Have you ever tried putting a whole log in a fire by itself and attempt to burn it only to realize that it takes forever? Brick homes and conventional homes will burn faster than a log home because of the material that's inside and the framing material. Thus lives are saved and chances are greater that you can save your log home from destruction!!