Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Larry and Janet McKelvey of Pennsylvania

Gary and Georgia,

What a great team you are! Thank you very much for helping make our dream become a reality. Your combined knowledge and warm personalities moved this project along. Let me also say, Jim Barna Log Home Systems is a stand-up company with a lot of integrity. I have NO complaints. If you are considering buying a log home, Barna will not short you on logs or other material. They also have great technical support for professional builders or do-it-yourself builders.

Thank You!
Larry and Janet McKelvey


Success Story Updates

From the Kelleys...

Larry and Janet have completed a SELF BUILD and these are their finished pictures to add to our site. They are the greatest customers and reside in Kittanning PA!

They have been wonderful to show their beautiful log home to our interested customers in the past and we appreciate all their efforts to help us!

Georgia and Gary

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Did You Know?

10 times as many conventional homes are torn down to 1 log home! The toxic materials disposed of will harm the earth many times over and require more landfill space with all the conventional building material . Natural material used in log homes is much cleaner and safer to humans and the our environment!