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Sam and Lori Strite of Alabama

"Having lived in a log home in New York State for over 12 years, and having made the decision to move South in our retirement, the question became: "could we combine our desire for a log home with a move to the South?" When we purchased 50 acres in Baldwin County Alabama, we had the perfect setting for our log homes--two log homes, one for us and one for our son who lives/works in Switzerland but wanted a US home base. Now, we had to decide on which company and what kind of log homes.

Months of researching catalogs, going to home shows and searching the internet, convinced us that Down Home Log Homes was the way to go. Gary and Georgia Kelley and Matt Willis were very helpful as they answered our many questions over the telephone and on-line; so it was time to travel to Pell City to meet them and to see some "real" log homes. Our early impressions were confirmed--Matt and the Kelley's were as honest, helpful and knowledgeable as we had hoped. Our minds were made up: two contracts were signed--our log home (Pinecreek) and our son's (Springview). From that day forward, we never looked back--we knew we had made the right decision and we could not have been happier with our choice of Down Home Log Homes.

From Pell City we traveled to Baldwin County to see if we could find a builder for our homes. We were lucky to find one who was anxious to try his hand at a log home. We confirmed dates with the builder and Down Home Log Homes and the die was cast. Months before delivery, we attended the Log Home Institute with the builder and one of his foremen. I cannot say enough about the value of this Institute offered by Jim Barna Log Homes. Whether you attend the Institute to learn how to do it yourself or to just see how it is done, the time is very well spent. In our case, it was a great opportunity to bring together our builder from Alabama, ourselves and the support team from Jim Barna. We all came away excited and ready to start building.

Finally, the big day arrived--9 semis arrived at our future door step. The Kelley's had warned us that this moment would be overwhelming (they were right) but under their expert guidance, the unloading of the trucks was accomplished in less than six hours. It was August and the temperature was over 100, but with the help of 10 men and two fork lifts, the process went smoothly. Soon the trucks were gone and piles of logs stood waiting.

The construction went well and before long, we were moving into our new home. Gary and Georgia Kelley were outstanding during the whole process and were always there to lend advice or to give suggestions. Jim Barna's technical assistance was of great help to the builder and when a few shortages in materials appeared, the Kelleys got the necessary materials to the job site with great speed. The whole experience, from beginning to end, spoke wonders about the quality of the organizations involved--Jim Barna Log Homes and Down Home Log Homes. They do indeed have the customer's best interest at heart--it is not just words!

The story has a very happy ending--we are now living in our dream home and we are still in touch with the Kelley's (they are still as helpful as they were before we signed a contract) and we are always proud to show off our home to anyone who comes to South Alabama!"


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Log Homes are more energy efficient than conventional homes. They are easier to heat and cool as long as you have proper construction. We do all to help you understand and make this happen~ Our Log Homes will have anywhere between an R-30 to R-49 in the roof system alone! R-19 is used in many conventional roof systems…