Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Harold and Madge Matthews of Rising Fawn, Georgia

"When my wife and I contacted the Kelley's several years ago for a log home we began working through the plans and details... After several months we visited the Barna Manufacturing facility and met with the Kelley's again to order our log home. They were there for our log home delivery day and boy did it pour rain!!! After it was completed we have stayed in touch with them and they have made a couple of visits to see our beautiful log home! Down Home Log Homes has always represented themselves in a professional manner and we would recommend them to anyone serious about their dream log home! Their support was generous and genuine. Thank you for helping us make our log home dream come true."


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Did You Know?

Log Homes appreciate at a higher rate than conventional structures. The National Association of Homeowners has stated for many years that Log Homes hold their values better than conventional stick built homes- given they are both taken care of!