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Vance and Melissa Wadsworth of Georgia

Vance and I are looking forward to a more quiet lifestyle. We bought 50 acres in Pine Mountain a few years ago. It is just twenty-five minutes from where Vance grew up. After living in Florida over twenty-five years, Vance knew that he wanted to move his family to a small but friendly quiet town. We have been discussing building a log home for our Georgia home. We just love the feel and the way they look. We have built four stucco homes in the past sixteen years of our marriage and we are ready for something totally different.

I am into horses and Vance wants cows and loves being outside pushing dirt around with his tractors.

It just so happens that Down Home Log Homes store front is located in our future town of Pine Mountain. It took us only a few minutes after working with Gary Kelley to know that this is the company that we wanted to build our log home. Now the hard part, deciding on log style and floor plan. I wanting something different than what you typically think a log home is suppose to look like. It took little convincing for Vance to agree with choosing the square log on log, hand-hewn white pine. Vance had only two major requests. 1) High 10 feet ceilings and 2) open rear view to main pasture. We both liked the Savannah with the wrap around porch and loft area upstairs but it did not have the rear view that Vance requested. So then we discovered the Fairview with the Great Room and two double French doors located in the rear of the house. Now all we needed to do is add a rear porch on and do some minor modifications to the upstairs to obtain a loft area that we wanted.

The Kelley's have been very helpful in modifying our Fairview floor plan. After a few phone conversations and faxed drafts, we were ready to send the plans up to Tennessee. We are so excited to start building our log home that we have decided to push up our relocation time a year sooner than originally planned. We are looking forward to our visit to the Barna construction school in November and working with the Kelleys.

Melissa Wadsworth


Success Story Updates

September 24, 2007

My only regret was that I was not available the day that Melissa and Vance came to Pine Mountain Loft & Gallery and by the time I got back from taking Mom to the Doctor they had seen two Barna Log Homes in Pine Mountain area and they had committed to buying their own dream log home! One week later they purchased their Barna Log Home and the rest is outlined below.

We are very excited for them and look forward to working with them and helping them along the way to their log home living and enjoying the Pine Mountain area!

Experience Matters,
Georgia and Gary Kelley

August 2008

Melissa and Georgia visited their log home site together to pick out the right place for their log home. Well that changed too because we ended up moving their home site and mirror imaged the plan but today their log home is coming along beautifully. Come back and see more of the actual Wadsworth Barna Log Home soon!

Blessings and thank you Vance and Melissa for the awesome log home customers and friends that you have become!

Georgia and Gary

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Did You Know?

Termites are not as much of a concern for log homes as conventional homes. Why? Because log homes are totally visible from the inside and the outside and nothing can hide in the wall! With a conventional home there can be massive damage before you even know there are termites!