Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Ned and Lisa Newby of Alabama

The Newbys delivered their new log home in the Fall of 2004. Here's a note from Georgia Kelley:

"Ned and Lisa are the best! Great Delivery day.. MUD AND ALL! Lisa and Ned were elated to get the log home of their dreams! So much starts with this big day.. Lisa and Ned are finishing the foundation now, as rain delayed them prior to delivery day. Come back again for more pictures of their progress."


Success Story Updates

Update: December 8, 2004
"Georgia, I thought you might like to see what I did this weekend! I got to put 3 scoops in the dump truck all by myself! And I didn't even get my white tennis shoes dirty! Only a woman could operate a tractor in white shoes and not get them dirty, right? I'm turning in my resume to Toby as soon as I learn to spit real good! Men have the best jobs, no doubt about it. This was MUCH more fun than answering phones all day! Love, Lisa"

Update: May 6, 2005
"Georgia, Please ignore the huge mound of trash in the pictures we sent. The builders were great and we still have to go through the scaps to keep some to save more money! Yes, I know that’s to be expected. The fireplace now has paper all the way around it, and is finally capped off at the top. It’s all looking better by the day! Love,Lisa

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Did You Know?

Log Homes appreciate at a higher rate than conventional structures. The National Association of Homeowners has stated for many years that Log Homes hold their values better than conventional stick built homes- given they are both taken care of!