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Doyle and Annette Blakely of Alabama

Doyle and Annette Blakely met Gary and Georgia Kelley in 1996 at a home show in Birmingham, Alabama. “They were wonderful,” says Annette. “They were extremely friendly and very knowledgeable about log homes and gave us all the information we needed.”

When the Blakelys finally made the decision to build a log home, they chose Jim Barna. “We went to the plant in Oneida, Tennessee,” explains Doyle. “I was impressed with the Barna facilities there and how well-built their log systems were. When we looked at the quality and appearance of their logs, we felt like Jim Barna was number one.”

Once the Blakelys chose Jim Barna, they contacted Gary and Georgia Kelley to get the building process underway. “They have been excellent to work with,” says Annette. “They have answered all of our questions and have been with us every step of the way.” Doyle has been most impressed by the Kelley’s professionalism. “They have helped us find our builder, plumber, electrician, and other contractors we have needed,” he adds.

The Blakelys received delivery of their log home on December 27, 2002.


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Log Homes appreciate at a higher rate than conventional structures. The National Association of Homeowners has stated for many years that Log Homes hold their values better than conventional stick built homes- given they are both taken care of!