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All Saints Anglican Church of Wyoming

When Larry Perry called Rachel Baribeau and began his dream for their new Church ( a temporary building until the big church is ordered), he had a great saying every time she spoke to hime...

When you ask how are you, Larry will always say, "Everyday above ground is a good day!". Rachel came back and says.. "everyday below ground is great also!" So as the story goes... Larry has ordered the All Saints Anglican Church as part of phase one.

Plans are in progress and Laramie County Wyoming will soon receive their first ever log church! More pictures to follow as their building process unfolds and we look forward to being a part of their log church dream!

Georgia Kelley, President
Rachel Baribeau, National Sales Consultant


Success Story Updates

August 2007 Update

The progress is coming along for the new church in Cheyenne. Please keep this project in your prayers, because this has been a total volunteer program and this is a small group of Christians working in the harsh weather they get in Wyoming! Any volunteers who want to help to get their church complete, please email Larry Perry at


Georgia, Gary and Rachel
Barna Log Homes

October 2007

If you're wondering why there seems to be so much foundation below grade... Wyoming they have a “frost line” that has to be addressed. Since the foundation they have come a long way with Volunteers! Thank God for American and the Spirit of God. More pictures to follow soon!

Georgia, Gary and Rachel

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Did You Know?

Have you ever tried putting a whole log in a fire by itself and attempt to burn it only to realize that it takes forever? Brick homes and conventional homes will burn faster than a log home because of the material that's inside and the framing material. Thus lives are saved and chances are greater that you can save your log home from destruction!!