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Jim and Marlene Townsend

Jim and Marlene Townsend are well on their way to getting their log home dried in by a Log Home Builder Team and we are very excited for them. This is their dream log home that they are building on family property! They were smart in using the Layaway Program and this shows that planning a dream can become a reality, with persistence and determination.

We will be adding more pictures soon and we invite potential customers to visit our site again to see their progress!

- Georgia and Gary Kelley, Owners


Success Story Updates

September, 2007

Marla is their Daughter and she actually brought her parents Jim and Marlene to visit us about their dream log home several years ago. They were smart and put their dream log home on our 2 Year Layaway Plan to save money and get their land ready. They were very thorough and did much research and forethought that you can see has paid off for them. Jim's hard work and Marlene and Marla's support shows in their precious log home!

We loved working with them and hope they will invite us to their house warming party we hope they should be planning soon! We must remember Maia, their Grand Daughter who says this is her log home. Of course it is Maia and you will have many years of enjoyment as your Papa and Grand Mom share it.

Blessings to you all and thank you for believing and working with us to help you with your log home dream.

Georgia and Gary

PS. Come to Pine Mountain to see us soon or make a scheduled appointment to see us in our log home model in Cropwell if you are ready for your log home!

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Did You Know?

Have you ever tried putting a whole log in a fire by itself and attempt to burn it only to realize that it takes forever? Brick homes and conventional homes will burn faster than a log home because of the material that's inside and the framing material. Thus lives are saved and chances are greater that you can save your log home from destruction!!