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Frank and Suzy Donaldson

We met Frank and Suzy Donaldson in Mobile at a Log Home Workshop and not long after they decided to put their dream log home on our 2 Year- NO interest Layaway Plan... At the time they did not know what plan they wanted, only that they knew they would work with us to fulfill their log home dream. Over the next 2 years they communicated that they had a team that would be working with them: Steve Mueller, GC, and Steve Ratley, Architect and boy did they get involved. Steve came up with their special design that would overlook the Pearl River in Louisiana! Of course at the time no one knew that they would be hindered by the Hurricane Katrina, but they are survivors! Shortly thereafter we regrouped and progress was on the way! See here the beginning of their log home progress and visit often to see how beautiful their log home will be! We look forward to helping them along the way and know that the Donaldson’s will have a magnificent log home!

Blessings to everyone who shares their log home dream!

- Georgia and Gary Kelley, Owners


Success Story Updates

September 23, 2006

Here are the latest - they are through 4 weeks of construction. These pics are of work during 3rd week and 4th week (today). Bob and crew went home for 5-6 days and will be back at the end of next week. Talk with you soon.

(webmaster's note: see the pictures they reference in their gallery at the link below)

- Frank and Suzy

August 29, 2006

Georgia, thank you so much for helping us with our stain. I appreciate the e-mail to Dave and hope that we can find a stain we will love. Thanks again for all support that Gary and you give to this project.

- Frank and Suzy

May 14, 2007

Still plugging along. Everything is running late, as we anticipated. Staircase and all railings are in; found an custom iron works guy 3 miles from the house. He did a great job. Chimney with hearth both inside and outside is in and river rock is on. Driveway is supposed to go in tomorrow. Tile guy is to finish by the end of the week. Plumbing to finish next week. Electrical is to begin final phase this week. Mechanical is to finish next week. Flooring comes in two weeks. Countertops are to wrap this week. Swimming pool is in and working and we are swimming! Furniture comes in the middle of June. So, we hope to get in by the end of June or the beginning of July.

Hope you guys can come and see it when it is finished.

- Frank and Suzy

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Did You Know?

Log Homes have the ability to absorb the tremors of an earthquake making it by far the best material for construction, more so than any other.