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Matt and Renee Duerksen of Happy Jack , Arizona

From Georgia and Gary Kelley and Matt and Catherine Willis (Barna Team)...

Matt and Renee Duerksen delivered their beautiful Modified Westwind III log home in Happy Jack, Arizona in Coconino County in June 2006.

Their Log Home Builder Team is due to arrive shortly before their log home delivery to be ready to start stacking their logs! Over the past few months we have accomplished much to transition their log home dream into a very soon to be reality!

We look forward to being at their job site to inspect their job and foundation and be ready to arrange their materials for a faster build time. The Duerken's ae planning this log home as an investment and have plans to order more with the success of their 1st Barna Log Home!

Blessings to the them all and we look forward to coming back to Arizona when our next log home is delivered to see their progress!


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Log Homes appreciate at a higher rate than conventional structures. The National Association of Homeowners has stated for many years that Log Homes hold their values better than conventional stick built homes- given they are both taken care of!