Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Chip and Vicki Giacomini

Chip and Vicki Giacomini contacted us early March of 2004 from Washington State and they are avid Tournament Skier’s!!

They wanted to locate in the South for their retirement and away they went. March 30th they decided to purchase their log home

and garage package on a 2 Year Layaway Plan and yesterday, Feb 13th, they took delivery on a ski lake near Mobile! Chip and Vicki are selling their existing ski lake resort in Tumwater, WA and will reside in their new log home in Alabama! Today the Crew Chief will begin building their log home and more pictures will follow. The message below came from Vicki in WA as she will be going to AL in two weeks to see the progress! Right now Chip and J.R. Henley their G.C. will be there until Vicki arrives!

We look forward to following their log home project and helping them in all ways possible.

- Georgia and Gary Kelley, Owners


Success Story Updates

February, 2006

Hello Georgia,

I was told the unloading went well, everyone worked extremely hard! (the truck drivers helped out too). All were impressed with the everyone associated with Jim Barna. Gary in particular they truly enjoyed. Would have liked him to stay for dinner but understood his long drive home. I'm getting more and more excited with my daily reports. Appreciate Gary's time in rough drafting the electrical to at least get them started until the copy shows up.

Thank-you very much for the help, good report & tips.

- Vicki

November, 2007

Hello Georgia & Gary!

We were pleasantly surprised this last October visit! The beds are gorgeous - thank-you for assisting Chip with the surprise!

You may have to take a road trip over next time you sell a home in Mobile. Many blessings to you & your family also!

- Chip & Vicki

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Did You Know?

10 times as many conventional homes are torn down to 1 log home! The toxic materials disposed of will harm the earth many times over and require more landfill space with all the conventional building material . Natural material used in log homes is much cleaner and safer to humans and the our environment!