Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Wesley and Carla Hornady of Alabama

"Our experience with Down Home Log Homes has been great. We searched through magazines and the internet to find log home dealers that we could contact. We called, visited and sent e-mails to several different dealers, but we felt most comfortable with Gary, Georgia & Matt.

They really love what they do and it shows.

They were very prompt in answering e-mails and were willing to answer all of our questions. Even though we are a young married couple they listened to what we wanted and told us how we could reach our dream of building a log home.

I have been most impressed with the fact that they did not just sell us the log package and drop out of the picture. They have been there to answer any questions that we have had through the different phases of building.

The Jim Barna Company is top notch and we would highly recommend them to anyone. We are still in the building process, but we are very pleased with the way our home is coming together. We can’t wait to finish our home so that we can live our dream everyday.

Gary, Georgia and Matt thank you so much for you patience, recommendations and advice. We greatly appreciate you and could not have gotten this far without your help. You have sure made this a lot less stressful than it would have been without you."


Success Story Updates

Update, November 2003
We received the paper work to close on our house today. We are going to finish moving in this weekend. We are so excited. Our home is more inviting and beautiful than we imagined. We still have to rock around the fireplace, but other than that we are complete. We are planning on having an open house around the first of December, to give us time to get in and get everything in place like we want it. We really appreciate all of your patience and help throughout our building!

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Did You Know?

Have you ever tried putting a whole log in a fire by itself and attempt to burn it only to realize that it takes forever? Brick homes and conventional homes will burn faster than a log home because of the material that's inside and the framing material. Thus lives are saved and chances are greater that you can save your log home from destruction!!