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Chuck and Susan King of Alabama

"All the people who came for Thanksgiving thought ours was truly the most beautiful home they had ever seen! My brother-in-law is inspired and said it far exceeds the other log home model that is so famous in his neck of the woods. They said it was like visiting an expensive resort.

The traffic of 21 people flowed very well with the porch and openness of the house. We set up buffet and they went around the island and it worked out without congestion. We have people come by all the time and of course Chuck is proud to show them the house. He runs out to the driveway whenever a car pulls up, and invites them in. It is too funny. The other day he wanted me to run out and up to a car and invite them in, I told him he was crazy! He just loves to share our log home with everyone.

Gary and Georgia, I am glad we met you, and I appreciate everything you did to make our dream and vision become a warm, romantic home that we can be proud of in years to come. You both have become friends that we will cherish, and God answered our prayers when we began this journey together 2 years ago!"

Chuck and Susan King have truly been a blessing to work with and see the efforts that all their hard work has produced! Their log home is dedicated to the memory of Susan's mother, Jane Thomas, who passed away during its construction. Chuck and Susan completed their log home with a budget of about $275K, and saved many many thousands with smart shopping, hard hard work and the determination to have their dream log home! Susan is one of the most amazing, talented women I have been privileged to know. She literally worked day and night to see this project from the beginning to end and Chuck played a significant role as well. We thank them for believing in us and the Jim Barna Log Home and look forward to many years of friendship together.

- Georgia Kelley, President


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Have you ever tried putting a whole log in a fire by itself and attempt to burn it only to realize that it takes forever? Brick homes and conventional homes will burn faster than a log home because of the material that's inside and the framing material. Thus lives are saved and chances are greater that you can save your log home from destruction!!