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Joe and Stephanie Woolley of Alabama

The Woolley's Testimonial:

The dream of building our log home began about 2 years ago. We started getting magazines and looking at different styles of homes, log décor, and the different log home manufacturing companies. Then as we discussed what style of home we wanted to build and where we would like to build. We set out to look for the perfect spot of land.

While looking for land we thought to get the best idea for our home we needed to visit some model homes and talk with Dealers before we could make a final decision. The first stop was to another log home company, where we saw the different log profiles and all the options we were able to choose from, such as, windows, doors, and roof design. We sat down right then with the Dealer and made a choice of a house plan, size, and options to be quoted, within a couple of days we received our quote along with a contract to sign and we would be on our way.

We stayed in constant contact with the Dealer about what exactly was included in the package. It seemed as if they could never get it right as to what we wanted in our home, not to mention every time we received something in the mail it always had a contract to sign, we just wasn’t up for that much pressure. We then started looking at other Dealers, so I contacted Gary & Georgia Kelley with Mountain Lake Log Homes (Jim Barna Dealer) told them our plans and that we needed to see some model homes and profiles.

A couple of weeks later we visited their home where we looked at what they had to offer along with a lot of insight on the log home Industry and supper prepared by Georgia Kelley. You couldn’t ask for any better hospitality. I would like to thank Gary for all the knowledge of log home construction that he has given me, and the time and effort the Kelley’s took to clarify everything we were buying.

Construction started August 20 with unloading our home as it come in, along with digging footings that day. It has been right at 3 months since we started and about 90% of the construction has been by us alone, with the other being the help of Family and Friends. (With the exception of the Foundation) At this point I am putting the toungue and groove decking on the roof, so logs are stacked and the rafters are in. I would like to comment on the fabrication and fit of the Jim Barna System, I have found that if you keep the system plumb and square it goes together very well and the fit is wonderful.

I am well pleased with the double tongue and groove log system and know that I have bought a quality product. I am an Industrial Millwright by trade and work in tight tolerances, so when I began to check the logs as I was stacking them, looking at the precision they use in this system was very impressive to me in wood construction.

Furthermore, I would highly recommend the Jim Barna Log Home to future dreamers and would like to thank the Kelley’s for all the help and support they have given.
I would also like to thank my wife (Stephanie) for her patience and support as this has really been a challenge And thanks to my son (Payton) for all his help and sacrifices, he loves to help his Daddy (If he was just a little bigger, he would really be something).

P.S. - Joe Woolley is available to help you build your log home. E-mail for information.


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Log Homes are more energy efficient than conventional homes. They are easier to heat and cool as long as you have proper construction. We do all to help you understand and make this happen~ Our Log Homes will have anywhere between an R-30 to R-49 in the roof system alone! R-19 is used in many conventional roof systems…