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Brent and Shirley Camp of Overlooking Glacier Natio

When I attempted to live out a dream, to build a Log Cabin on The Camp Property in Autauga County, Alabama, I searched the literature, the Internet, magazines and asked professional home builders that I had know for years and all my efforts left me confused and bewildered.

As a stroke of luck, months later, while flying to New York, I saw an add for Barna Log Homes in the airline flight magazine. Upon returning home, I called the 800 number and was directed to Georgia, Gary and Matt of Down Home Log Homes in Pell City, Alabama. My first telephone contact was with Georgia and was I in for a shocker, she was so informative and cordial, I felt as if I had know her for 20 years.

Long story short, Georgia invited my wife and I up to Pell City to see their own Log Home. We made the trip with our adopted son, Mark, and what a treat! Matt, Gary and Georgia showed us their Office/Home and it was absolutely the ideal Log Home we were looking for.

In short order, we ordered the same home through Georgia and Gary and Matt from Jim Barna. We had several changes in the home which proved the flexibility and attention to customer desires that Jim Barna, via Georgia and Gary and Matt, accomplished with ease. So many times when dealing with various companies, you take what they have or nothing. Not with this outfit, they are open to any suggestion you have and will work with you to accommodate your needs if at all possible. What a delight!

When the log home arrived, I had been given the pre-needs and was pleasantly surprised to see Georgia and Gary and Matt on-site! They took charge and directed the unloading from two tractor-trailers. Not a detail was overlooked, Georgia checked each individual package and her check list was many pages. Another great thing Georgia and Gary did was to put me in direct contact with a seasoned builder of Jim Barna Log Homes. This man and his cousin from Tennessee, were absolute master-builders and a distinct pleasure to watch and be around during the construction.

During construction, Georgia maintained daily contact to make sure there were no unanswered questions or problems with the erection of the Cabin. Again, what an example of going "the extra-mile" for the customer! The cabin was completed in record time and finished off with some custom ideas I had, like adding river Stone to the fireplace Chimney, inside and outside, and the foundation outside covering.

Our Cabin became a show place of our camp property and inspired us to build a much larger Log Home in Northwest Montana. Speaking from experience, you can count on Georgia, Gary and Matt to work with you to have the dream Log home of a lifetime.

As a very satisfied customer, I can vouch for the Kelley's as real people who care for your ideas and do everything in their power to make your wishes come true.

W. Brent Camp, Sr. Ph.D.
Retired CEO of V.M.S. Inc.
an International Manufacturer of Animal Feed Supplements


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Log homes are different in construction techniques than standard stick-built homes Only trust the assembly or “Dry In” of your log home to a Log Home Crew Chief that has many log home projects under his belt!