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Todd and Wanda Moore of Alabama

Our log home dream began in 1998 with a 43-acre purchase with the perfect home site. We both knew where our new home should be built from the moment we saw "the view."

A more difficult decision ahead of us was choosing a log company and builder. We researched many different companies by attending log home shows, seminars, and open houses. We also made frequent visits to the magazine section of our local Books-A-Million.

Todd and I had high interest in Barna, but had not made a decision until we met Gary and Georgia Kelley at a Log Home Living Seminar in Birmingham, AL. We were, and continue to be, impressed with their knowledge, attention to detail, and willingness to give of their time to answer our questions and offer helpful suggestions.

We are especially appreciative to Gary and Georgia for stressing to us the importance, of what we believe to be, 2 key elements in the process of building a log home: a knowledgeable builder and proper preparation for delivery day.

Todd and I attribute our building success, so far, to a quality product from Barna, excellent leadership from The Kelley's, and knowledgeable log home builders. As of March 10, 2005, our log home had reached dry-in stage.

We look forward to the remaining process and hope to continue our friendship with Gary and Georgia long after moving into our dream home.


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Did You Know?

10 times as many conventional homes are torn down to 1 log home! The toxic materials disposed of will harm the earth many times over and require more landfill space with all the conventional building material . Natural material used in log homes is much cleaner and safer to humans and the our environment!