Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Chuck and Sara Petty of Alabama

Chuck and Sara ordered their log home on our 2 YEAR LAYAWAY PLAN with NO interest. Now they have decided to move the start date to this year!

They have begun the work with Barna Financial and working on getting their pricing together. Both of them are very frugal and have already purchased all their lighting and plumbing fixtures! They plan to begin this coming Summer!

They have horses and lots of Cats and one special dog seen in the picture! The Petty property is beautiful and we look forward to helping them with their dream log home"
- Georgia and Gary Kelley.


Success Story Updates

We have finally moved into our house. I do not have any updated pictures to give you now, but just wanted to let you know. I will take some soon and get them to you. We would love for y'all to come see it if you get a chance. We are still working on a lot of things with it like erosion control and decorating things, but we are really thrilled to be in it. If you have any customers or prospects that would like to come see the house we would be happy to have them out.

Chuck and Sara Petty
August 14, 2006

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Did You Know?

Log Homes are more energy efficient than conventional homes. They are easier to heat and cool as long as you have proper construction. We do all to help you understand and make this happen~ Our Log Homes will have anywhere between an R-30 to R-49 in the roof system alone! R-19 is used in many conventional roof systems…