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Heath and Jessica Wyrosdick

Heath and Jessica Wyrosdick dreamed of owning their own log home and contacted us for help… We worked with them and they could not decide on a definite plan. We worked with them to freeze a blanket amount until they could make a decision on the right log home design. Several months later they faxed us the design they wanted and away we all went working toward drawing plans and ultimately their log home delivery! Gary was their to inventory and help them with all the necessary duties that made it a big success, even with the gully washer that came that day!

WALLA! Here is the progress after 4 days of having the Log Home Builder Team we arranged for them. Keep coming back to view their success and help us celebrate with them. Even their horses and dog are happy!

Blessings to the Wyrosdicks and all that read this!

- Georgia and Gary Kelley, Owners


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Did You Know?

Termites are not as much of a concern for log homes as conventional homes. Why? Because log homes are totally visible from the inside and the outside and nothing can hide in the wall! With a conventional home there can be massive damage before you even know there are termites!