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Jeff and Debby Cross

The place looks wonderful and I could not have been more pleased with the builders we had. I've given my feedback to Log Home Builders about Wayne and his crew and it was glowing.

I spent the last week with them on the finish and it was such a great learning experience for me. I should finish the rough in of the interior walls by this weekend and then my sub will start with the HVAC, pluming and electrical finish. I'm hoping to be doing the tongue-and-grove wall finish by mid Dec. You are right, the weather has been great and so far we are ahead of my expected schedule. I know we need rain, but I'm hoping for more good weather.

I have about 120 pictures already with more being taken each trip. Deb and I talked and we will pick the best to send you. I was very adamant about making sure we took pictures throughout the entire process so that when I have finished and Debby has made me an album, I can look back and smile on the great accomplishment that has been made. Although this is just a weekend cabin for my family, it has become a major part of my life and I will cherish it forever.

I plan to write Darlene Branim of Jim Barna when we have completed the project with my words of thanks and praise. I've recommended you and Barna Log Homes to some other folks that plan to build a few lots away from me. They will want a custom build with two master suites because it's two families involved. I told them you and Barna could plan and build a great place for them!! I should be talking to them again soon.

One of the husbands took pictures of my place to show his wife and friend because he was so impressed. We'll see if they go with log or stick built. I told him that he could not go wrong with a log home and its value will be much better in the long run. (I could be a sales guy for you :) )

We will send pictures as soon as possible. I hope this message finds you both well.


Jeff & Debby Cross


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Log homes are the healthiest homes to live in and enjoy! They reduce stress and their natural material is the best choice! They are also easier to keep clean and therefore have better air to breath!