Down Home Log Home Success Stories

Joyce and Bethany Channell of Alabama

April 2008

Joyce called us a few years back shortly after losing her husband in Iraq and wanted to fulfill their dream for a log home. Time passed as it was just too hard for her at that time. Recently she contacted Rachel and as fate would have it we are now ready to get their log home started! Joyce is a very strong woman and a great Mother to Bethany and caregiver to her Mom, Opal. After much thought and plan designs Joyce has found what she knows is right for them.

We are very blessed to be able to call her friend and customer and excited to work with them along the way! Keep coming back to her Success Story where we will share more about her husband Rob Channell a true American Hero!

In His Name,
Georgia, Gary and Rachel


Success Story Updates

April 28, 2008

SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Tears are running down my cheeks just looking at the plans. I can't believe it is just like I always dreamed and something (someone special) lead me to look at that floor plan book one more time! It was there the whole time waiting for me and Bethany! I feel it was SO meant to be.

Thank You, Thank You, Georgia. Praise God and all his glory! I'm printing now and will try to fax this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Sunshine is a nice thought for the name of the house but I believe I'm going to stick with the name Grace. The word Grace has a powerful meaning to me and has been since the day Rob left for the ship. So, GRACE it will be. By the grace of God and NO OTHER WAY!

I so appreciate you!

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Did You Know?

Log Homes have the ability to absorb the tremors of an earthquake making it by far the best material for construction, more so than any other.